fuel injection technology Diesel Pump Endurance Test


This test bench has been designed for testing fuel injection pumps at different ambient- and test fuel temperatures. The test bench simulates the mechanical drive, fuel supply and return circuits. It measures the pump torque, flow capacity and operating pressure on the pump depending upon supply pressure, rotation speed of the pump, ambient- and fluid temperature and inlet valve actuation.
The loading of the test samples is made by quick-changeover mechanism. The automatic test sequence can be defined by flexible test plans. Manual operations and measurements are possible as well.
This test bench includes fixtures for two injection pumps, which can be tested at the same time.


  • Precise flow measurement by Coriolis mass flow sensor
  • Comfortable Windows-PC user interface
  • Flexible test plan creation and result storage with “Oracle” database
  • Water-cooled servo motor with highly accurate rotation speed regulation
  • Thermisch isolierte Prüfkammer mit Temperierung
  • Flexible fixture and numerous electric connection possibilities in the test chamber
  • Automatic high-pressure regulation

Technical data  

  • Supply pressure: 2…10 bar
  • Flow rate (spill flow): 0…20 l/min
  • Flow rate (delivery rate): 0…5 l/min
  • Rotation speed: ± 6000 1/min
  • Torque measurement: ± 200 Nm
  • Counter pressure regulation: 0…2 bar
  • High pressure circuit: max. 3000 bar
  • Tempering of test fluid: -30…+120 °C
  • Tempering of test chamber: -40…+140 °C
  • Test fluids: ISO 4113 & Arctic Diesel