fuel injection technology Flow Test Bench


The test bench has been designed for the determination of the static flow of injector components.
The machine will be manual loaded and started by the operator. Changeable adapters for the test head and part fixture enable tests of other injection parts.


  • Precise coriolis flow sensor technology (sensor accuracy ± 0.1% of measured value) contamination of the spray orifices can be detected by means of a flow test
  • Fast retooling of testhead and part fixture
  • Test with or without counter pressure
  • Comfortable Windows-PC user interface
  • Signal acquisition with 100 Hz

Technical data  

  • Test oil pressure regulation range: 10 … 160 bar
  • Counter pressure regulation range: 0 … 100 bar
  • Test oil temperature: 40°C ± 1°C
  • Range of flow measurement: 100 … 2000 ml/min
  • Test media: Fuchs Renotest