Flow test bench

Test bench for static flow measurement on diesel injector components of large diesel engines.
The wide flow range and the use of various measuring adapters allow a high degree of flexibility.
DMC codes can be read in with the aid of a camera.
Data is saved locally as a file on the hard drive and to the customer’s database.


  • High flow measurement range
  • Supply via two frequency-controlled pumps
  • Good constant cycle time over the entire flow measurement range
  • Informative user interface and monitor with touchscreen
  • Optimum adaptability of pressure and temperature control to each test specimen type via test plan
  • Specially developed master management
  • Integration of the customised database

Technical data  

  • Test pressure range: 25 – 100 bar
  • Pressure control: ±0.1 bar
  • Flow rate measuring range: 0.2 – 100l/min with expansion with 3 flow rate ranges
  • Measuring ranges: 0 – 65 / 0 – 1000 / 0 – 5600 kg/h
  • Test temperature: 40°C
  • Temperature control: ±1°C