fuel injection technology Flow Test Benches for combined Diesel Gas injectors


The test benches are designed to determine characteristic flow values and injection rates of combined Diesel/Gas injectors. There are two test benches, one for testing the diesel side, the other one for testing the gas side of the injector.
The injector is loaded manually in an onload station which is protected by safety doors.
An automated part handling loads the injector into the test station. The parameterizable test starts after the hydraulic and electric clamping of the injector. After the test has been finished, the injector will be unloaded analogous to the loading of the injector.


  • High speed data aquisition of the pressure and rate signals (sample rate up to 200 Hz)
  • Measurement of single rates, opening- and closing times, injection start and end, averaging of single rates
  • Visualisation of injection rates
  • Windows based operating interface for automatic and manual mode and process parameterization
  • Configurable test sequence
  • Descriptive visualization of processes and results
  • Touchscreen HM

Technical data  

  • Both test benches:
  • Dimensions: 3015 mm x 1537 mm x 2350 mm (L x W x H)
  • Process fluid: ISO 4113:2010-CV-AW
  • High pressure: max. 500 bar
  • Counter pressure: 30 -150 bar
  • Flow range: max. 1,26 kg/h
  • Temperature: 20 – 60°C +/-1°C
  • Gas test bench:
  • Process gas: Nitrogen N²
  • High pressure: 320 bar
  • Flow range: 0,4 – 20 kg/h