Flow tester control unit


The fully automatic EDM flow test system is used to determine the flow rate of control parts.
The complete module consists of a loader module, to which an EDM system is attached on the left, and a flow test stand. The system is filled with pallets via a drawer system (4 drawers).
For reliable part recognition, the dot code on the workpieces is read in the loader module and its orientation is determined in order to be able to place them appropriately on the slides of the EDM system. Finished parts are removed from the carriages and fed to the next process step.
The system has the following stations:

  • VE water blow-out station
  • Inlet bore measuring station and
  • measuring station drain hole

The tested control parts are loaded back into the pallet. Rejected parts are ejected automatically and separately.
The module has a swivelling control panel with a convenient user interface. Running processes and their results are clearly visualised.
If processing and inspection requirements change, parameters can be
parameters can be adjusted quickly and easily. All flow results are transmitted to the erosion system in order to control the processing quality.


  • Individually selectable/deselectable process steps
  • Simple data handling via local database (target specifications, results, etc.)
  • Clear visualisation of running processes and results
  • Control panel with touchscreen monitor and convenient user interface
  • Measuring system capability: Cg >= 1.33

Technical data  

  • Test pressure: 20 – 140 bar
  • Test back pressure: 15 – 60 bar
  • Flow rate: 50 – 1000 ml/min
  • Cycle time: 30 sec