fuel injection technology Flushing and Lift Control FVC-RT6


This automatic module flushes nozzles and needles. After assembling both components the lift between both parts are measured. On- and offload are handled by a 4-axis robot. For the part control the DMC of each part is read in the loader module.
Nozzle and needle are loaded into the machine on a pallet by means of a conveyor. On the machine the parts will be demagnetized. The robot catches both parts and takes them to the DMX reading station. After reading the parts are placed into the rotation table. The following work steps are carried out in the stations:

  • Station 1: On-/offload by a robot
  • Station 2: Turnover of the nozzle body
  • Station 3: Flushing the nozzle body
  • Station 4: Flushing the needle
  • Station 5: Assembly of needle and nozzle
  • Station 6: Measuring the lift

After these work steps the components are loaded onto the output conveyors.
The module contains a rotatable HMI. All processes
and actions are displayed on the HMI.
It is also possible to change the settings and parameters on the HMI panel.


  • Space saving rotation table concept
  • Triple stations to reduce the cycle time
  • Handling of different types without mechanic adjustments
  • Process control by flow- and pressure sensors
  • Accessible work steps
  • Modular station concepts
  • Simple data handling via local database (settings, results… )
  • Visualization of work processes
  • HMI rotatable with touchscreen monitor and comfortable user interface
  • Ergonomic on/offload of the parts by pallets

Technical data  

  • Cycle time: 35 s
  • Flushing pressure nozzle body: max. 400 bar
  • Flushing flow nozzle body: max. 10 l/min
  • Flushing pressure needle: max. 100 bar
  • Flushing flow needle: max. 8 l/min