HD Leak test Rail


This machine is used for hydraulic leak testing of manifolds for diesel injection in combustion engines. Two test stations are available.
Loading and unloading is manual, the test sequence is fully automatic. Two different rail types can be tested. The mechanical changeover is carried out by exchanging workpiece carriers. Testing is carried out alternately so that loading and unloading times are not an issue.
After the start of the test sequence, a pressure drop test of the rail with air is carried out depending on the type (checking the sealing element of a valve).
After a positive test, the test specimen is hydraulically filled and flushed. The pressure is then increased to up to 3000 bar and the gradient of the pressure drop is determined and evaluated after a defined measuring time. After the test, the manifold is emptied and blown out before it is removed by the operator.


  • Short changeover times thanks to interchangeable devices (2 per rail type)
  • Hydraulic pressure drop test up to 3000 bar
  • Integration of the hydraulic unit into the machine (space saving)
  • Windows-based PC user interface for machine control and process parameterisation
  • Graphic display of all analogue signals
  • Connection to customer production server

Technical data  

  • Hydraulic flushing pressure up to 200 bar
  • Hydraulic test pressure up to 3000 bar
  • Pneumatic leak test up to 10 bar