fuel injection technology Injector Test Stand DI/Gas


The manual loaded test bench is used for precise measurement of Injection Systems. Test conditions are very variable. In the three stations it is possible to measure precisely the injection rate, rail pressure, rail temperature and the injection mas shot to shot.


  • Precise nitrogen and test oil regulation for stable test condition for the injector
  • Precise counter pressure regulation in the shot -to-shot measurement unit
  • Very stable temperature control of the supply medium
  • High flexibility due to the manual loading of the stations
  • Individual Testplan creation with SonDaSys Flex Testplan

Technical data  

  • Pressure regulation test oil: 30…500 bar ± 2 bar
  • Pressure regulation nitrogen: 30…500 bar ± 3 bar
  • Temperature control: 20…80 °C
  • Injection mas oil: 2 – 150 mg/Inj
  • Injection mas nitrogen: 10…350 mg/Inj