Nozzles EDM loader with flow test

The fully automatic flow test stand is loaded and unloaded by a robot.
loaded and unloaded by a robot. The system is filled with pallets containing nozzles: Drawer system with 4 pallets (2 pallets per EDM system. One pallet each for loading and unloading nozzles). The Sonplas system is located between 2 EDM systems. The blanks are automatically removed from the pallets and positioned in front of the camera to read the data matrix code. The raw parts are then loaded onto the respective carriage of the EDM machine. Finished parts are removed from the carriage and loaded into the rotary table. If necessary, the nozzle can be rotated in a turning unit.
The rotary table includes a blow-out station and a test station.
The measured nozzles are loaded into the corresponding unloading pallet. Rejects are automatically ejected separately. The measured values are stored in a database.
The test plans, in which the various measurement parameters are stored, are also saved in the database and can be edited by the user.
All flow results are transmitted to the respective EDM system in order to control the processing quality.


  • Vollautomatische Beladung durch Roboter
  • Doppelgreifersystem zur Trennung von VE-Wasser und Prüf-Öl
  • Gleichzeitiger Betrieb zweier unterschiedlicher Typen möglich
  • Kameraprüfung der Teile: Datamatrix Code
  • Typdatenvorgabe und Ergebnisspeicherung mit Datenbank
  • Präziser Siemens Coriolis Durchfluss -Sensor
  • Grafische Darstellung aller Digital- und Analogsignale

Technische Daten  

  • Taktzeit: < 30 Sekunden
  • Druck: 20 – 140 bar
  • Durchfluss: max. 272 kg/h
  • Temperatur: 40°C