fuel injection technology Opening Pressure Test Bench


The opening pressure test bench has been designed for the determination of the opening pressure.
The operator inserts the nozzle manually in the lifter of the camera. When the operator gets out of the inner side of the machine, it starts automatically and closes the protection door, reads the DMC code and the nozzle moves into the station where it is contacted and the measurement process starts. The needle force, which directly affects onto the needle, is generated by the media pressure built up by a servo-driven plunger pump and steplessly adjustable.
The required constant flow is generated by a second servo motor controlled pump which is mounted also next to the test head.


  • Measurement of the opening pressure
  • Supply pressure control by using a servo-driven plunger pump (no pulsation
  • Variable adjustment of the needle force
  • Variable setting of the nozzle sealing force
  • Very fast and progressive needle force regulation
  • Easy changeable nest inserts
  • Temperature conditioning of test fluid
  • Complete cycle time < 21 s
  • Graphical representation of all analog signals
  • Windows-based PC user interfache for machine control and process parameter setting

Technical data  

  • Pressure range: 100 bar – 1000 bar
  • Test volume: 28 cm³
  • Needle force: 150 N – 1250 N
  • Clamping force: 36 kN @ 5 bar
  • Dimensions: 1500 mm x 3100 mm x 2650 mm (W x D x H)