fuel injection technology Rail Assembly Line


The assembly and test plant exists of 6 processing station. The loading of the rails is done with an handling system. The tape system will feed then the robot with rails which will be inserted in the identify station. There the rail gets an serial number. After that the RPS and PCV will be screwed to the rail. The next process is to test those sensor and valve and to make an pressure drop test. Next the rail will be washed and finally there is an optical inspection of the rail.


  • Control panel with touch screen for every stations
  • Monitor for analog signals with selection and scaling
  • Terminal based on Windows for presettings and analysis of stored data
  • Server with Database for results saving
  • Fast changeable fixture for different rail types
  • Robot loading, but also manually loading is possible

Technical data  

  • Test pressure: bis zu 4000 bar
  • Cycle time: < 60 sec
  • Power: 400 V / 50Hz
  • Air pressure: 6 bar