fuel injection technology Standalones Electric + Filling / Blowout


The standalone modules are designed to perform single processes during the final test of common-rail diesel pumps.
The standalone modules can work in a complete line together with more end-of-line test benches.
In this combination, the standalone modules can take over single processes like filling, electrical tests and blowout from the test benches.
Thereby, the complete line saves cycle time because the test benches need to perform less processes.


  • Fully-automated operation with connection to the conveyor system
  • RFID-based communication between stations and workpiece carriers
  • Fast pump emptying by combination of blowout air and suction
  • Function test of the inlet valve with acceleration sensor

Technical data  

  • Filling pressure: 5 bar
  • Test medium: Divinol
  • Medium temperature: 40°C
  • Blowout pressure: max. 10 bar