fuel injection technology Test Bench Diesel High Pressure Pumps


The system has been designed for testing fuel high pressure pumps with diesel and its alternatives at different fuel temperatures. The test bench simulates the mechanical drive, supply- and high pressure circuits. It measures the delivery flow capacity or the operating pressure dependent on supply pressure, rotation frequency of the pump, fluid temperature, high pressure and the control valve of the pump. The test bench is designed for semi-automatic operation with manual loading and unloading and automatic test sequence, programmable with NI Labview. Due to the comfortable user interface manual operations and measurements are possible as well.


  • Comfortable Windows-PC user interface
  • Flexible test sequence creation and data acquisition with National Instruments Labview
  • Precise flow sensor technology
  • Drive consisting of water-cooled servo motor with high accurate rotating speed regulation, safety coupling, torque sensor, flywheel
  • Exchangeable test part adaption
  • Absolute pressure regulation of test fluid supply pressure
  • High pressure regulation with electrical pressure control valve (PCV)
  • Continuous recording of the measurement signals up to 10 kHz sampling rate
  • PWM current signal generator for control of electrical valves of the test pump (VCV / PCV))
  • Current generator for digital valves (DIV) with Sonplas USD (universal solenoid driver)
  • Terminal box for measuring important signals

Technical data  

  • Supply pressure: 1.0…10 bar abs.
  • Flow rate: up to 10000 cm³/min
  • Rotation speed: 0…6000 1/min, 28.3 kW, Mmax 315 Nm @ 1700 1/min
  • Torque meas. Range: ± 200 Nm
  • High pressure regulation: 0…2500 bar (components 3000 bar)
  • Tempering test fluid: 20…80 °C
  • Test fluids: Diesel, ArcticDiesel, Jet-A1, Shell V-Öl
  • PWM signal generation with 3500 mA @ up to 15 V and variable chopper frequency (150…4000 Hz)