Flow and jet test bench GDI Injector


The GDI Injector flow and jet test bench was developed to analyse important properties of GDI injectors. The use of explosion-proof components enables the use of n-heptane as a test medium.

The following test functions are available:

  • Dynamic flow test in mg/inj (volumetric, gravimetric and shot-to-shot measurement)
  • Static flow test in g/min (volumetric and gravimetric measurement)
  • Determination of the opening and closing times
  • Optical analysis of the injection jet (jet density, axial and radial jet geometry).



Flow measuring station consisting of:

  • Gravimetric measuring system with high-precision scales Down-Stream
  • Volumetric measuring system with Coriolis measuring device Down-Stream
  • Shot-to-shot measuring system for determining the injector rate curves and the injection behaviour over time
  • Measuring system for determining the injector opening and closing times

Beam test chamber for lateral backlight investigations and radial light section recordings from below:

  • Rotation of the injector holder by stepper motor
  • Stepper motor-driven traversing of the bottom-view camera and the associated light unit

Test medium supply consisting of:

  • High-pressure supply with piston pump and pressure control
    for maximum test pressure of 500 bar
  • Low-pressure supply
  • Temperature control of the test medium.

Windows-based user interface for automatic operation, manual operation and process parameterisation

Individually configurable test sequence

Clear visualisation of running processes and results

Touchscreen HMI

Technical data  

  • Dimensions: 4320 x 1845 x 2359 mm (L x W x H)
  • Test medium: n-heptane
  • High pressure: 40 – 500 bar
  • Flow rate: approx. 1 l/min
  • Temperature: 21 +/-1°C