Fuel Injection Technology Flow and jet test bench GDI Injector


The fully automatic GDI injector leak test stand has a loading and unloading system that removes the injectors from the conveyor belt and places them in the rotary table nests. The DMC code of the injector and the RFID code of the workpiece carrier are read in. The rotary table feeds the injectors to the rinsing stations and then to the distribution axis. This takes over the transport of the test specimens to the measuring stations for the leak test. The injectors are then placed back into the rotary table and transported to the blow-out stations. Finally, the tested parts are transferred back to the conveyor belt.


  • Centralised test data management with SonDaSys test plan
  • Analysis of measurement results and production monitoring with SonDaSys report
  • Injector control for flushing, running in and blowing out with Sonplas-USD (universal solenoid driver) – all common current profiles can be generated under menu control. Up to three independent voltages are possible.
  • Compact design
  • Automatic operation of the entire test bench or repeatability mode for each individual station
  • High-precision leakage measurement with Sonplas LLT
  • Duratec System Check

Technical Data  


  • Cycle time 6.5 seconds
  • Test medium Exxsol D40

Rinsing, inlet and blow-out stations:

  • Up to six injectors can be processed in parallel
  • Inlet pressure 2…5 bar
  • Blow-out pressure 4 bar

Leak test:

  • Test pressure 2…300 bar
  • Measuring range < 10 µl/min