GDI pumps pre-assembly


The GDI pump pre-assembly enables the joining and testing of pump seals.
The individual components are fed in via vibrating pots.
A press is used to join the components in a position- or force-controlled manner. The press-in forces are monitored to detect any missing parts.
The finished components are checked for leaks in an airtightness station.
The tested parts are placed on a pallet, which is discharged from the system via a conveyor system.


  • Autonomous operation
  • Automatic emptying of the vibratory bowls
  • Integrated calibration of leakage measurement via built-in syringe
  • Differentiation between different part defects
  • Hand scanner for recording batch numbers
  • Automatic mastering

Technical data  

  • Cycle time: >= 15 s
  • Test pressure: 0 – 6 bar
  • Measurable leak rate: 0 – 1.2 cc/min
  • Press-in forces: 0 – 5 kN