Laboratory test bench GDI injectors


The GDI injector laboratory test bench for injectors consists of 2 stations:

  • Spray test: Optical measurement of the spray angle
  • Wet tightness: Leakage measurement of the injector in closed condition

Designed as a laboratory test bench with high flexibility, e.g. for product development.



Wet tightness:

  • Measuring range in the µl range
  • Self-venting system

Spray test:

  • Measurement of different spray angles due to rotatable chamber
  • High flexibility due to variable USD and image acquisition settings
  • Integrated flow measurement system

Technical data  

  • Test pressure range: 5 – 300 bar
  • Pressure control: ±0.1 bar
  • Flow measurement range: 0.2 – 16 [g/s]
  • Test temperature: 22°C
  • Temperature control: ±1°C (typ. 0.5°C)