PRV Micro Hammer setting stand


The PRV Micro Hammer setting stand was developed for precise setting of the opening pressure of mechanical pressure relief valves in high-pressure fuel pumps (GHP).
When setting the opening pressure using conventional methods, many mechanical manufacturing tolerances play a significant role and therefore increase the scatter.
By directly measuring the opening pressure during calibration, this machine can eliminate manufacturing tolerances and, in combination with a very precise positioning drive, realise an opening pressure setting with minimum tolerances.
The workpieces are manually inserted into the test device.

PRV Micro Hammer


  • High-precision opening pressure adjustment
  • Hybrid technology: µHammering combined with wedge adjustment for precise positioning
  • Hardware force control via wedge adjustment
  • Direct opening pressure measurement to reduce all manufacturing tolerances in the customer component
  • Fast data acquisition for precise determination of the opening pressure
  • Short cycle time < 15 seconds
  • Double lift protection door and rotary handling for cycle time-neutral loading
  • Can also be used as an opening pressure measuring station

Technical data  

  • N2 supply: up to 500 bar
  • Force sensor: 0..60 kN
  • Electrical supply: 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Compressed air: > 5.5 bar
  • Cycle time: < 15 sec

Piezo impact generator

  • Max. Pulse amplitude: 40 kN
  • Max. Feed per pulse: 35 µm