fuel injection technology Pulse Test Bench GDI Inectors


For the development and quality assurance for production of high-pressure injectors and rails it is neccessary to examine the lifetime and stability. The Pulse Test Bench GDI Inectors has been designed to check these properties for the individual components.
On the monitor the actual pulsation sequence is displayed.
The test rig can be equipped individually.


  • Generating the pressure pulsation by means of a hydraulic servo valve.
  • Adjustable sine, triangle and rectangle as a waveform.
  • PC – controlled test stand with a comfortable programming interface, a flexible test program preparation and data acquisition.
  • Fully automatic test with monitoring of the process parameters.

Technical data  

  • Pressure range: 5…500bar
  • Pressure regulation: +/-5bar
  • Pulse frequence: 10…30Hz
  • Max. test volume: 250cc
  • Dimensions (B x H x T): 126 x 226 x 342 cm

Connection data:

  • Supply voltage: 3 x 400V
  • Power consumption : 40kW