fuel injection technology Assembly Line GDI Pump


Assembly Line GDI Pump means of the fully automatic production line single-piston gasoline pumps are assembled. The processing stations have been designed as individual single stations. The components required for installation are provided from the rear part feed. The pump body is served on the workpiece carrier on a conveyor from station to station. The process spectrum ranges from servo presses for pressing, crimping and way measuring, laser welder for the welding of different parts, camera applications for part inspection and measurement, density measurements using air and helium to component labeling with laser marking.
The sometimes extensive measurement and production results are transmitted to the line’s own database and customer database for more precise tracking. The progress of production and the production status can be checked at any time by scanning the pump number at a special manual station. The targets and limits for the various production steps are stored in the database which can be adapted to the test plan program at any time.


  • Assembly line with manual loading and unloading
  • Fully automatic processing in individual stations
  • Automatic capture and storage of measured values
  • Data storage in the production and customer database
  • Production progress monitoring on a specific manual station

Technical data  

  • Electrical supply: 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Air pressure: min. 6 bar