Sonplas supports its customers not only in the production of finished assembly and testing systems, but also in the development or prototype production phase. In order to be ready for the requirements of the future, we have now further expanded our in-house equipment for the field of electromobility. In doing so, we have incorporated our experience of the last ten years.

On an area of more than 120m², we offer the following equipment, among others:

  • Electric press for rotor or motor mounting
  • Automatic 3D adhesive dispensing station
  • Heating oven and freezer

With following processes, among others:

  • Gluing, sticking and mounting of magnets
  • Pressing or shrinking
  • Screw driving and measuring
  • Assembling and marrying

With our in-house research and development department, we also provide direct support in the development, optimization or verification of the production technologies for your products.