E-Powertrain Assembly line high voltage EMC filter


Sonplas implemented a production line project for the manual and automated production of EMC-filters  (HVDC, high voltage direct current filters), which are used as part of the inverter in electric vehicles.

Produktionslinie für einen Hochvolt EMC-Filter

assembly line for high voltage EMC filter

Sonplas designed a complete system in which several stations or machines largely automatically carry out various processes and assembly steps. The system connects the components to each other by bonding and a hot caulking process. A high performance adhesive sealant is then applied to the components. The operative has to carry out a few assembly steps but the screwdriving that is necessary can be done manually or automatically. The components are transported through the entire system by workpiece carriers on a conveyor belt. Integrated laser welding of copper or tinned copper components is carried out in the automatic station. Individual components can also be fed for laser welding with manual loading. An EOL (end of line) attenuation test is then carried out using a network analyser. Finally, the components are provided with a laser-marked DMC.


  • Integration of a various complex processes and assembly steps in an automated plant
  • Including EOL (end of line) testing in integrated EMC chamber
  • Use of one laser source for multiple copper welding applications
  • Automatic detection of component boundaries for optimal welding results
  • Intuitive, simple operator guidance through detailed information on the variably adjustable touchscreen
  • Line Server with reporting app for visualization of production results for traceability and production optimization purposes
  • Connection and communication with the customer’s data management system


  • Component bonding
  • Hot caulking
  • Siliconise
  • Automatic and manual assembly steps
  • Laser welding
  • Laser inscription