E-Powertrain Stator assembly


stator assembly

Sonplas implemented a machine project for automated production of stators used in electric motors. Precise force/displacement monitoring of the press-fit process as well as simple and safe operation were very important to the customer. In addition, the mechanical processes needed to be measured as precisely as possible and electrical resistance measured. As well as press-fitting the electrically conductive insulation displacement contacts, the machine also needed to provide the fully assembled components with a DMC and pass a quality assessment in accordance with the AIM-DPM industry standard.

Sonplas resolved the force/displacement monitoring requirement, achieving a level of high accuracy of +/- 5 μm. The electrical resistance measurement was within a range of +/- 10 μOhm. Due to an automated rework methodology for all measuring processes, the operator needs no detailed process knowledge. All statistical data and evaluations resulting from the force/displacement monitoring can be stored in a local database using CSV files. The customer can control production specifications via the SonDaSys test plan tool. They receive evaluation options with the associated reporting tool. DMC laser marking and subsequent quality assessment are integrated into the automatic production processes.


  • Automated rework methodology for all measuring processes
  • The operator does not need process knowledge
  • Simple operator guidance through detailed information on the touch screen
  • Extended rework possibilities for adjustment and service personnel


  • Force/displacement controlled press-fit
  • Force/displacement controlled measurement
  • Resistance measurement
  • Laser marking
  • Quality assessment