Electronic Development Universal Solenoid Driver (USD)


Universal Solenoid Driver

The Universal Solenoid Driver, USD for short, is a 2-channel programmable power amplifier with FPGA controller-supported digital current control especially for controlling automotive inductors (not piezo).

Intended purpose:

  • Time-synchronous control of injectors, valves of high-pressure pumps, hydraulic valves, pressure and volume control valves.
    Examples: Flow measurement of injectors (also shot-to-shot) or spray test.
  • Angle synchronised control is also possible with additional hardware that triggers the Universal Solenoid Driver.
    Example: Petrol / diesel high pressure pump control


  • Up to 63 cards on one RS485 communication network and up to 255 communication networks.
  • 2 channels, each with up to 31 current phase sections per channel
  • Paging function per channel, for trouble-free switching between two control profiles.
  • Three different voltages from external sources to drive the load:
    Vbatt / Vboost1 / Vboost2
  • Fully digital current control
  • Various triggering possibilities as a step-on condition and for switching the pulse generation on and off:
    Trigger internal, external pos. / neg. edge with and without delay, peak current, time
  • Demagnetisation voltage: Freerun, -Vbatt / -Vboost1 / -Vboost2

A further developed hardware version will be available soon with additional features, such as communication via Ethernet, additional switch combinations for current control, the possibility of recording distinctive points in the current/voltage curve (patented). This makes closing time recording of up to 255 shot-to-shot pulses possible

Technical data  

  • Supply voltage control: 20.0V – 28.0V DC
  • Current consumption control: 350mA @ 24V DC
  • Load voltages from external: V batt / V boost1 / V boost2  (Abs. max. Limit 0..100Vdc)
  • Buffer capacity load voltages: per load voltage 2×820µF / 100V
  • Maximum continuous current load: Sum of both channels 20A RMS @ Tambient = 20°C
  • Current measurement:
    • Stat. resolution AD converter 16bit
    • Sampling rate 500kS/s
    • Range of application: type up to 27A (max. 30A)
    • Basic accuracy of the sensor +/- 0.6% of nominal value @25°C
  • Maximum permissible current increase: +30A/µs
  • Voltage measurement at power amplifier output:
    • Stat. resolution AD-converter 16bit
    • Sampling rate 500kS/s
    • Measuring range ±110V
    • Tolerance voltage divider ±0.2%
  • Monitoring functions:
    • Resolution 12bit
    • Voltages Vbatt, Vboost1, Vboost2 0-100V
    • accuracy +/- 500mV
    • Accuracy temperature heat sink +/- 1°C
  • Environs: +10°C..+40° rel. humidity <95% non-condensing (IEC 60721-3-1)
  • Degree of soiling: 2 (PD2, IEC 61010)
  • Type: IEC 60 297-3-100
  • Dimensions:
    • Front panel 19″, 6RU 10HP, 261.8mm x 50.5mm (RU = rack unit, HP = horizontal pitch)
    • Board 233mm x160mm (double european size)
  • Weight:  870g

All data refer to a current hardware version at the time of creation (HW V1.5, FW V5.10 rev03).