Electronics, Mechatronics & Hydraulics Assembly line for antenna modules


The assembly line is used for fully automatic assembly and testing of antenna modules in 5s cycle time. Different types of antennas can be prepared and processed. The components are loaded into the system by the operator. They are then removed fully automatically by robots and processed further. All results and process parameters are stored in a database. The main processes are magnet joining, PIN -joining -length and -bending, capacitor classifying and joining, EOL and testing processes, leakage testing, soldering, AOI of solder joints, pin – checking, dispensing, force-displacement monitored press-fitting, length measurements, laser marking and counter-reading.



  • Dispensing (1K and 2K)
  • Pin assembly
  • Pin control
  • Assembly processes (joining, pressing,..)
  • EOL tests
  • Laser marking
  • AOI brazing
  • Immersion brazing
  • Magnet assembly
  • Leak test

Technical data  

  • Cycle time: ~5s
  • Dimensions: ~14*5m