Electronics, Mechatronics & Hydraulics Calibration line pressure sensor


Pressure sensors are calibrated on the calibration line.

The sensors are supplied to the calibration system for pressure sensors on customer workpiece carriers via a belt system.

A linear axis picks up the components and places them into a buffer, from where the pressure sensors are picked up by a portal transfer handling system and transferred to the room temperature chain conveyor.

The handling system transports the components to the calibration station. In the calibration station, the process sequence is controlled by test equipment provided by the customer. Sonplas provides high compressed air accuracy and stability for the calibration process.

After the room temperature calibration, the portal handling places the sensors on the chain conveyor in the oven. In different temperature zones there are further calibration station whose process sequence is controlled by the customer’s test equipment.

After the temperature calibration, the pressure sensors are actively recooled during the return conveying; the pressure sensors are then placed in a buffer by the portal handling system, from where they are picked up by a further linear axis and placed back on customer workpiece carriers in the calibration system for pressure sensors.

Calibration line pressure sensor

Calibration line pressure sensor


  • Component supply on customer workpiece carrier
  • Component transfer by linear axis with 2-fold gripper to 20-fold buffer position
  • Component transfer by portal transfer handling with 20-fold gripper system
  • Workpiece carrier transport in gondolas through the chain conveyor (1x room temperature, 1x oven)
  • Calibration at room temperature and in the oven at up to 120 °C
  • Component anti-rotation device in the workpiece carriers
  • Calibration of 20 sensors simultaneously
  • Individual sensors can be excluded from the test
  • Calibration process flow controllable by customer
  • Calibration stations in different temperature zones (from room temperature till over 100°C)
  • Connection to customer data acquisition system
  • High tightness due to special coating on the sealing lances
  • Reduction of Joule-Thomsen-Effect by special control unit
  • Adjustable sealing force by means of lever principle
  • Fast pressure regulation

Technical data  

  • High pressure stability during the calibration process < 50mbar
  • High pressure accuracy <= ±1 bar
  • Fast pressure build-up < 2 sec
  • High temperature stability < 2 °C
  • Fast DMC reading < 50 ms
  • Air pressure calibration up to 500 bar
  • TCP/IP communication with measurement equipment