electronic-software Flexible Testplan Application

The Flexible Testplan Application SonDaSys FlexTestplan is a database-supported program for editing process instructions and creating complete test sequences without programming knowledge.
A flexible test plan consists of a combination of several processes in a user-defined sequence. The processes contain target values and limits, which are used in the sequence accordingly.

The SonDaSys Flexible Test Plan controls:

  • Sequence sequence
  • Setpoints and control values for the hardware and software of the machine
  • Limits to process control
  • Limits for quality evaluation of parts (good / bad evaluation)
  • Storage of process measured values in the database



  • Simple operation: Create test sequences without programming knowledge in the shortest possible time.
  • Modern multilingual user interface with intuitive operation.
  • Copy and paste via own clipboard.
  • Editing the flow tree using Drag & Drop.
  • Activation and deactivation of test steps by simple mouse click.
  • Additional control of processes through control structures such as loops and conditions.
  • Specification of setpoints and limits as numbers or by freely editable expressions (e.g. pressure = loop value *300+20). Thus possibilities, such as specification of ramps and sinusoidal curves.
  • Transfer of values between test steps via internal variables.
  • Test plan revision management: Changes to test plans are saved revision-related. Full traceability of production and measurement specifications.
  • Automatic storage of measurement results in the database, with various reporting options, including export in Microsoft Excel format.

Slide SonDaSys Flex Testplan Slide SonDaSys Flex Testplan Slide SonDaSys Flex Testplan Slide SonDaSys Flex Testplan