fuel injection technology System Test Bench GDI


The System Test Bench GDI has been designed for testing fuel injection systems (high pressure pump, rail with injectors) at different ambient- and fluid temperatures. The test bench simulates the mechanical drive, supply- and return circuits. It measures supply flow, pump torque, flow capacity and operating pressure of the injection system depending upon supply pressure, rotation frequency of the pump, ambient- and fluid temperature and injection times. The test bench is designed for semi-automatic operation with manual loading, unloading and automatic test sequence, predefined by flexible test plan. Manual operations and measurements are possible as well.


  • Precise coriolis flow sensor technology (upstream and downstream) (sensor accuracy ± 0.1 % of measured value)
  • Precise injection quantity measurement by injection analyzer
  • Comfortable Windows-PC user interface
  • Flexible test plan creation and result storage with “Oracle” database
  • Water-cooled servo motor with highly accurate rotation speed regulation
  • Creation of cam signals for triggering of car ECU
  • Thermal isolated test chamber with temperature regulation
  • Fixture plate and numerous electric and hydraulic connection possibilities for flexible test arrangements
  • Lubrication oil circuit for permanent lubrication of cambox
  • Primary explosion protection by technical ventilation, inertization by nitrogen, HC-detection
  • Energy saving high power LED-illumination inside the thermochamber:
        • Durable and low-maintenance due to external aluminum heat sinks
        • Suitable for the most extreme operating temperatures
        • Light source positioned externally
        • No potential source of ignition inside of thermo chamber

Technical data  

  • Supply pressure: 3…10 bar
  • Flow rate: 1000 kg/h
  • Rotation speed: 0…6000 1/min
  • Torque meas. range: ± 20 Nm / 100 Nm selectable
  • Counter pressure regulation: 0…5 bar
  • Tempering of test fluid: -40…120 °C
  • Tempering of test chamber: -40…140 °C
  • Test fluids: n-heptane, ethanol blends, gasoline, ExxsolD40